Bat Walk 2023


Bat Walk 2023

We were delighted to welcome Kelly Jones to lead a Bat Walk in August. Over 50 people joined us to meet our lcoal bats and find out more.

There are several different types of bat in Silchester, the smaller ones are the tiny Common Pipistrelles and Soprano Pipistrelles, which call at a frequency of 45 – 55 kHz, and the (slightly) larger bats, such as the Brown Long Eared Bat, which call at a frequency of around 20 kHz.

Kelly started by introducing us to a pipistrelle bat that she was caring for after rescue. It was a real treat to see one up so close.

She explained that if you do see a ‘grounded bat’ it is important not to touch it!  Call the Bat Conservation Trust, and they will send an expert, such as Kelly, to help.

Then, armed with bat detectors, we all set out onto the Common.  It wasn’t long before the first bat swooped low overhead, which Kelly identified as a Common Pipistrelle from the calling frequency of 45 kHz.  It was rapidly followed by several more bats, both Common Pipistrelles, and a larger bat that could have been a Brown Long Eared Bat.  We were all kept entertained listening to the clicks from the bat detectors, as the bats flew overhead, while Kelly told us all about the different types of bat, and answered loads of questions.

Kelly was a brilliant walk leader, and we all learnt a lot and had a great evening.  Donations made on the night were split between The Bat Conservation Trust, and Sustainable Silchester.