Repair and Restore

It’s much better to repair and item than to replace – both for the planet and for your pocket! 

John runs a small local company producing chemical products for the hobby industry.  He believes that we can all make a small contribution to improving the environment by repairing products and not throwing them away.  How often do you want to repair a precious item, or one that can’t be easily replaced?  What if you can’t simply buy a new on as it’s out of date or no longer available? Yet, with a simple repair it can be given a new lease of life.  Here John explains how he repaired a broken garage door operator.

A broken garage door operator made in hard plastic, (probably ABS) has broken so can longer be attached to a key ring. These cost £30-£40 each. It works perfectly so why buy another?

We built a small dam around the fractured area to contain the Fusion resin to be applied later.

We mixed the Fusion adhesive. It is a powder and liquid and mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Once mixed the mix is allowed to sit for a few minutes. During this time the powder dissolves into the liquid to create a liquid so slowly thickens. An adhesive tape was used to create and seal the base and thus form a dam to hold the Fusion mix in place while it cures.

The fusion has been poured and is now set (about 10mins). Importantly it is strongly bonded to black plastic case and has created a hard, tough, plastic material. It is far tougher and harder than epoxy so it can be filed or drilled even tapped with a thread.

A final shape with a dremel tool

Painting to look the part is easy.                  



All done and ready to go.  

Fusion resin is available from at Unit 12 Cufaude Business Park, Cufaude Lane, Bramley