NOVEMBER CHALLENGE: Reduce your electricity usage

This month we challenge you to reduce your electricity baseload: that’s the electricity that your home uses when all occasional appliances (TV’s, ovens, lights etc) are off.  It matters because it may well be the single biggest contributor to your household bill!  Did you know that every 1W of baseload costs you around £1 a year?

You will need a smart meter (free from your electricity supplier) or an electricity monitor.  We have an electricity monitor that residents of Silchester and Pamber Heath can borrow for a few days.  Let us know via Contact Us  if you would like it.

Check out our latest blog on how one household used an electricity monitor to halve their electricity usage – saving around £600 a year.

Latest News

Basingstoke and Deane have just launched their Climate Change Toolkit full of useful advice on things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

The A-Z of local recycling facilities has just been updated (December 2021) as there have been a number of changes since it was first published.  Download the latest copy at Reduce and Reuse.

Please recycle anything you can in the Ali Recycling scheme at the Pavilion on a Friday, or at the Village Market.  Everything you leave raises money for the Playground and the Village Hall.  There have been a couple of changes recently – you can now recycle plastic packaging from any bread/bakery product including bagels, buns, rolls. scones, crumpets, ‘thins’, baguettes.  The pet food packaging scheme has now closed, and the coffee pod scheme will be closing – last collection 3 December.   You can however continue to recycle your coffee pods yourself through the Podback Scheme.   For full details of what can be recycled through Ali Recycling, see Reduce and Reuse

Stephen’s popular Wildlife Notes for November are now live on our Nature page.

We now have an Aluminium Foil collection point at the Village Hall.  Clean Aluminium foil only, please.  See Reduce and Reuse for the location of the recycling bins at the Village Hall.

Thank you to more than 80 of you who took our survey.  The results are now in!  You think that we should prioritise reducing waste and recycling, home energy and travel and transport.  For all the results, see What do Silchester Residents prioritise?

We are just starting, if you would like to get involved Contact Us, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter .


About Us

Sustainable Silchester is all about encouraging and supporting Silchester residents to take practical actions to live more sustainably and improve bio-diversity.   We are joining people and communities across the world in taking positive action and being part of the solution.  Together we can make a difference. 


Meetings are open to all local residents, or people who work in or around Silchester.  The aims are to lead positive action and to enjoy meeting each other.  Our next meeting will be towards the end of November.  All are welcome.

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…for infomation about local activities where you can get involved, local recycling and re-use services, and local services.  Also information about the Common and local flora and fauna, ideas for seasonal recipes and much more.  If you think of anything else that we should add, please let us know.

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