Greening Silchester

The Greening Campaign have recently won National Lottery funding to support communities across Hampshire to tackle and adapt to climate change.  Silchester are delighted to have been selected as one of just twenty communities that they will be helping.

We kicked off with a Public Meeting.  The 1st Silchester Guides gave a very moving presentation on why the campaign was important for their future.  You can read everything that they said here.

Then Terena Plowright, the Founder of the Greening Campaign, gave an inspiring talk about the history of the Greening Campaign, how it brings communities together for positive action, and how they would support Silchester over the next year. 

Finally we voted on the 5 pledges that will go on cards to be delivered to every household.  If you are able to undertake the pledges, then put the card in your window to show your support.  The 5 pledges chosen were:

  • Only fill the kettle to a level of water that you will use (and save £37 a year)
  • Create a 1m square garden space/window box for flowers for pollinating insects
  • Have 3 conversations in your community or with your family about climate change.  Talk about how you feel and the concerns that you may have
  • Reduce your food waste by storing food correctly.  Check your fridge is set to the correct temperature, keep all fruit and veg apart from onions, bananas and whole pineapples in the fridge
  • Grow some potatoes (in your garden or in a pot or bag)

Lots of people signed up to help with the next stage, and we will be meeting the experts who will guide us through the next stage on Monday 18th March.

Other News

In August we were delighted to welcome Kelly Jones, a local bat expert, to lead a Bat Walk on the Common.  More here:  Bat Walk 2023

Do you know a local business that would like to develop its green skills?  Innovation South Virtual Campus have a set of new free training courses on topics such as carbon literacy, building retrofitting, sustainable resource management,  rainwater and grey water harvesting or tree planting and climate change.  See their website for details.

We now have two plug in electricity monitors available for residents to measure the electricity usage of individual devices. It’s a great way to track down those energy hungry appliances, work out how much you are saving by turning things off stand-by and the only way to find out how much intermittently used appliances (such as fridges and freezers) are really costing you.  To borrow one, just drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

Please recycle anything you can in the Ali Recycling scheme at the Pavilion on a Friday, or at the Village Market.  Everything you leave raises money for the Playground and the Village Hall.  We can no longer collect pet food packaging, crisp packets or coffee pods (except Lavazza ECO pods).  Soft plastics (plastic bags, pet food pouches, crisp packets etc) can now mostly be recycled at Sainsburys in Tadley.  The collection point is by the windows behind the tills.  You can however continue to recycle your coffee pods yourself through the Podback Scheme.   For full details of what can be recycled through Ali Recycling including details of four NEW schemes and for a copy of the A-Z of local recycling facilities, see Reduce and Reuse

Basingstoke and Deane have just launched their Climate Change Toolkit full of useful advice on things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you would like to get involved with Sustainable Silchester, or would just like to come along to a meeting, please Contact Us, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter .


About Us

Sustainable Silchester is all about encouraging and supporting Silchester residents to take practical actions to live more sustainably and improve bio-diversity.   We are joining people and communities across the world in taking positive action and being part of the solution.  Together we can make a difference. 


Meetings are open to all local residents, or people who work in or around Silchester.  The next meeting will be on 14 March 2024, at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.  The aims are to lead positive action and to enjoy meeting each other.  We would welcome more people!  Or if you have any suggestions, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.  All are welcome.

Explore our Website…..

…for infomation about local activities where you can get involved, local recycling and re-use services, and local services.  Also information about the Common and local flora and fauna, ideas for seasonal recipes and much more.  If you think of anything else that we should add, please let us know.

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Sustainable Silchester is a working group of Silchester Parish Council