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Be a Tree and Leaf Detective

Take the Wildlife Trust’s Autumn Tree and Leaf Detective sheet or the Nuts and Berries Spotter and see how many of these plants you can spot on your walk. 

Follow the Silchester Superhero Scarecrow Trail

October 23rd – 31st Maps £1 available from the Calleva Arms or the Pop Up Cafe

National Trust

Follow the Autumn Garden Trail at the Vyne (admission charges apply).  They also have a Halloween Bat Trail (£2 + admission) running from Friday 22 October to Monday 1 November.

Or make a leaf nest for a Dormouse on the Wild Wanderer Trail at Basildon Park before 24 October.

in the garden

Make a Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder to hang in your garden, and see how many of these garden birds you can spot.   

Build a Minibeast Hotel

Build a minibeast hotel and give our struggling invertebrates somewhere safe to stay over the winter.

Make a Mini Pond

As you have probably heard on the news recently, one of the biggest things that you can do to help wildlife in your garden is to build a pond.  Your pond doesn’t need to be big.  A washing up bowl, or a large plant pot could be repurposed as ponds, providing you make sure creatures can get in and out.  Here’s how you can build a mini-pond, even if you only have a small balcony or a tiny backyard. 

in the house

Make a Skeleton Leaf

A leaf skeleton is made when the soft tissue of a leaf has crumbled away, leaving behind the skeleton of veins.  They are fascinating and very beautiful.  Here is how to make your own leaf skeleton.

Boats for the Bath

Fun Makes out of Bits and Pieces

Have fun making things out of scraps around the house.  Technology For Fun and the Smallpeice Trust have some great ideas.  We particularly liked: